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i have:

one baby blue three speed beach cruiser in almost perfect condition that i am selling. i bought it from a friend for $100 and nothing has happened to it since then that would reduce the value. i'll let it go for less than that if i have to--make me an offer.

it has to go before july 31st!
atlanta people only, please... i don't have the means to ship.

Holy shit I'm proud of myself.

I don't know what's good vs. slow but I just biked all the way home (Reynoldstown/L5P area) from Chastain Park Amphitheatre (far side of Buckhead, a mile before Sandy Springs).

14.60 miles in 55 mins.

That's from the time I looked at my phone when walking out of the office at Chastain to the minute I closed the garage door. Didn't stop once. Slowed down so I wouldn't have to at lights. Freakin Atlanta hills and traffic and all. SINGLE SPEED! (On my heavy Schwinn frame.)

How the hell did I do that?!
I got legs o' steel!

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critical mass? more like critical speck. thanks to the one other person that showed up besides me last friday. out of everyone in atlanta that made a livejournal or myspace post about it or sent out a mass email about it. two people showed up.
stop complaining about how bad critical mass in atlanta is if you're not going to even bother showing up.


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okay while playing lazer frizbee last night alex came up with the idea to put a ride together this friday the thirteenth.

mid month critical mass
critical mass and hockey masks

in honor of the friday the thirteenth movies.
who's in?

you can put one together in your town!