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are you guys protesting something?

yeah, cars.

This is critical.. This is a mess
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"we turned onto peachtree out of lenox mall, all 25 of us. the light was failing and the temperature dropping as each minute passed. but no one seemed to care. the cars started honking, but again, no one cared. it's such a feeling of immense freedom to be riding your bike in rush hour traffic. to be creating rush hour traffic. to stop the spectacle in its tracks by creating a new one. the system has made room for its other, but what if you reject that other? if you don't like pollution, if you don't like oil, ride a bike. but only within the system. so fuck the system.

we continued down peachtree at a fairly slow pace. the horns of angry and confused drivers went from a cacauphony to a symphony. the sounds of the city set the tempo as the horns sang, a choir praising life itself. the cold wind bit at my face, but i can only count a handful of times where i felt that alive. it was an awakening of sorts. all that emptiness, all that rage, all that helplessness was gone.

family is more than blood and legal ties. we're all family. shit we're all the same. at first i yelled at people who honked, or yelled at us. i was angry. but then i realized that i loved these people, for i was these people. i wanted to show them that there was a better way. i wanted to show them that sitting in your car isn't living. it's not.

as we pressed on, i noticed that there was no one in front of us. the road was completely open. for the first time in my life i experienced true freedom. i realized that i could do anything. that people can make a difference. that the future is completely open and unwritten. i felt invincible. in a way, in that moment, we were invincible. another world really is possible.

and if they stare you down then blow them kisses. they are the unhappy, the alienated, while we are the smiling crowd. a little community, rolling by with big grins. that's what will make them see that they're wrong.

and if they try to hit you then smash a fucking window. we're not out to be run over. but go back to grinning, cause you know it feels so good.

anything is possible."